About Erindale Orthopaedic

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[ttbase_intro_text color=”#707573″ font_size=”24″text_align=”left”]Erindale Orthopaedic is here to help you recover and get back to living life.[/ttbase_intro_text]
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Erindale Orthopaedic Sports Injury and Rehab Centre was founded and is managed by experienced orthopeadic surgeons. At Erindale orthopaedic, we take a “start to finish” approach to care, offering patients quick, effective assessments and treatment of their injury or ailment. We view surgery as a last resort option, and we will work with you to aid your recovery.

Our team takes pride in putting our patients first and supporting them throughout the often-stressful recovery and rehabilitation process. We want you to get back to normal as quickly as possible.


[ttbase_heading title=”We work with you to help recover from and/or manage:” type=”h3″ color=”#009fd0″][ttbase_list][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Sports injuries[/ttbase_item][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Tendinitis, sprains and strains[/ttbase_item][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Rotator cuff tears and other muscle tears[/ttbase_item][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Osteoarthritis and other chronic pain conditions[/ttbase_item][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Post-operative rehabilitation[/ttbase_item][ttbase_item icon_font=”fontawesome” icon_fa=”check” icon_color=”#009fd0″]Motor vehicle and workplace accidents[/ttbase_item][/ttbase_list]